Water sports

Discover another world, the one of water sports

Tulum offers the water sport enthusiast a range of activities in a variety of environments. Such as diving in legendary cenotes, kitesurfing, snorkeling, kayaking and paddleboard.  Tulum feature amazing beaches geared to make you a watersport aficionado.

Our preferred vendor COA Watersports can provide you a limitless of options and levels all the way from first timers to professionals:

For further information you may contact our concierge at infomariadelmartulum.com or you may follow the link COA Watersports


Take a lesson with us! Kiteboarding is a safe sport as long as you take a lesson from certified and experienced instructors. Yes, all our instructors are IKO certified (International Kitesurfing Association). Safety is a priority for us and we’ll make sure you feel comfortable. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a professional, we’ll walk you through the local conditions and cover all safety measures. When will I ride may be your first question… and the answer is, you’ll fly! We offer personalized classes so we’ll move at your own speed, and hey! There’s time in paradise. If you get hooked, like most, you’ll find it to be an awesome sport you can practice in most places that have water and wind.


Let’s dive! All you need is an Open Water PADI certification to discover some of the most exhilarating and relaxing places you’ll ever dive in. Diving with us in cenotes is thrilling, safe and recreational. Cenotes are natural sinkholes that were sacred for the Mayans and, although they’re connected through caves, we’ll always dive in cenotes where there is an exit point and a source of daylight. Each cenote is different, stunning and a unique experience where you’ll encounter history and even yourself! Check out some of the ones we recommend: Casa Cenote: Open cenote, a bit like a mangrove. (manglar) Dos ojos: It’s a cavern! Gran Cenote: It’s a cavern! Car Wash: Open and cavern cenote Calavera (temple of doom): A cavern The Pit: Deep diving  Angelita: Deep diving


If you love taking a good yoga class, lying under the sun, snorkeling, taking a walk, having family fun or even extreme sports(?!)… paddleboarding is for you. It’s a bit like a meditation session at sea, we’ll guide you through your journey as we know the waves, the reefs and the best spots to chill. Rainy day? Perfect day! Join us in a tour to a lagoon or a cenote, which are natural sinkholes that were sacred for the Mayans. Because there are no currents or waves, these tours are ideal for families, for people who’ve never tried standing on a board and for everyone ready to enjoy what may otherwise seem like a gray day.


Take a tour or rent gear! Snorkeling is most fun when you know where to go and where to look, so we highly recommend our tours: We can take you to Dos Ojos, a stunning cenote where you’ll see tree roots, rock formations, underwater caves, fish and freshwater turtles! Or we can also go to Akumal, which is literally a piece of heaven! In this calm bay you’ll swim with dozens of sea turtles and may even encounter a manta cruising by.